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Spotify drops new AI-powered DJ feature to curate your tunes

Rock AI. Spotify's latest feature is an AI DJ that cues up your music

Spotify's new AI-powered DJ feature open in-app on iPhone in a hand

AI seems to be dominating the headlines at the moment, and now it’s headed to your lugs as well. Spotify‘s newest feature is an AI-powered DJ that lives in the app. The brand aims to take personalisation in the app even further with the feature. It’s like having your own radio DJ to curate your tunes on your behalf. Pretty wicked.

Spotify’s new (and nameless) AI DJ is a personalised guide that learns your music preferences and habits. First and foremost, the feature will curate music line-ups for you based on your preferences. But this DJ goes a step further. It’ll provide commentary on why it’s picked certain songs, and will even add music transitions like a real disc jockey. And the voice it uses? Completely generated on the fly – there are no pre-recorded audio snippets. What’s more, you have control over what’s playing. Don’t like the set list? You can tap the DJ button to get it to switch up genres, artists, and styles.

How does all this work? Spotify’s AI sorts through the latest music and looks back at your old favourites. Then, it reviews what you might enjoy, and delivers a line-up of songs picked just for you. It works just like stations in Spotify, where the stream of songs doesn’t end – the feature just keeps adding more. The streamer teamed up with OpenAI for the generative AI that picks music, and with previously acquired Somatic to create realistic voices from text.

Currently, Spotify DJ is rolling out to Premium users in the US and Canada in beta. But don’t worry, the AI DJ will soon be heading on tour to subscribers around the world. To use the new feature, head to your Music Feed on the homepage, and tap Play on the new DJ card that appears. Spotify will take care of the rest, giving you your very own pocket-sized DJ.

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