Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium on sale in the UK - with Giffgaff

Everyman’s network to push the Premium hardware

Mmm, it’s still so shiny. Oh, now it’s not. Curse our greasy-fingered lust for lovely-looking tech.

Proving that time doth little to tarnish the sleek lines of an Xperia, in the two months since we first got our hands on a Z5 Premium we haven’t tired of its pointlessly reflective rear and utterly excessive 4K screen resolution.

Dashed were our hopes, then, as it seemed the Premium would never go on sale in mainstream markets. Raised again, they were, when Giffgaff decided to stock the smartphone.

OK, enough of the Yoda speak – that gleaming back got us coming over all reflective. Sorry.

The mobile network made for the masses has revealed to TechRadar that it’ll be offering Sony’s high-end flagship for £599 SIM-free, with goodybag deals (or contracts, to the rest of us) from £26.29 a month and a £25 up-front payment.

With no word yet on whether Sony plans to stock the super shiner officially in its store, this could be the fastest (and, indeed, the only) route to a polished Premium.

It isn’t the best flagship out there, and, at that price, it’s fighting in Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s territory – but, if you’re after a handset that few will be holding and you really (do you, though?) need 4K on a phone, the Premium is the place to look.

Go forth, mobile magpies, to Giffgaff.