Sony unveils new ultra-portable VAIO

Woah - Sony's TX1 doesn't look too ultra-portable in this picture, but look at the size of the headphone socket and the VAIO logo and you might start to get the big picture. Small picture. Whatever – there's a whole bunch of other reasons why this just be

Now you can see why people will be queueing round the block for Sony's new VGC-TX1 laptop. It has a unique LED-lit 11.1inch widescreen that, for once, truly deserves to be called wafer-thin. it has a resolution of 1366x768, and has Sony's X-Black tech for impressive colour and contrast, as well as it's ever-so-useful dual function as a mirror. (You know you do…)

Come mid-October, there'll be two models, the TX1HP at £1500, and the TX1XP at £1700. Both use Intel's Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Pentium-M processors to give a claimed stamina of seven hours, although presumably it'll not stretch to that if you are using the instant-on DVD feature, or the dual-layer DVD burner.  (A dual-layer drive, in a 1.25kg laptop? Lunacy.) Carbon fibre has been used in the chassis to keep the weight down, and to give you something to stroke admiringly in dull meetings.

Sony's launching another laptop range today – the BX series is a business-orientated laptop with biometric security and a webcam for Skype. More on this as soon as the details come through.

Sony's website is, as ever, here.