Sony PlayStation 5 preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: The official website is now live, so is the big launch imminent?

Before the PlayStation 4 came out, armchair analysts projected the death of the console. Instead, it has sold 106 million units and counting. Console gaming isn't going away anytime soon.

And if you didn't already assume that, well, Sony has made it official: the company has been sharing official details on the next PlayStation home console, which it has confirmed is called the PlayStation 5.

It won't be out right away, but Sony has already shared enough information to give us a very strong idea of what to expect from the PS5. Here's what we know so far, and we'll be updating this story over time as new details and leaks emerge.

(Hardware images shown of PlayStation 4 Pro)

What will the controller be like?

Sony has shared some key details on what to expect from the PlayStation 5's controller, which we assume will probably be called the DualShock 5. Tradition and all.

The old rumble technology will be replaced with more sensitive haptic feedback, like you see on phones, providing more flexibility for developers. More interestingly, the controller will have L2 and R2 "adaptive triggers" that can be programmed for different levels of resistance, changing the kind of tactile feel you get from the play experience. That sounds pretty neat.

Sony told Wired that the PS5 controller will be a little bit heavier than the current DualShock 4, given the added tech, but it will be lighter than the Xbox One controller with batteries installed.