Sony Ericsson shows off the Satio, Aino and Yari

Not content with re-naming its 12.1MP ‘Idou’ to ‘Satio’, Sony Ericsson also introduced two brand new handsets last night &ndas

Most interesting is the Aino, which is the first phone capable of streaming media from your PS3 using the remote play feature as seen on the PSP.

There is one slight downer – while the touchscreen, 8MP phone will let you tap into your movies, music and photos over 3G or Wi-Fi, it won’t do the same with games. So that’s no playing Infamous on the train home, then.

Still, if you’ve got Play TV you’ll be able to stream live TV – hopefully better than Virgin’s ill-fated Lobster phone – and it’s the first phone to come with a Wi-Fi dock too, which means wireless syncing with your PC.

Slightly better suited to gaming is the Yari. It only packs a 5MP camera, but uses motion tech to deliver Wii-style ‘gesture gaming’. Apparently, games that you can download from its PlayNow service will sense where you are and how you’re swinging the phone, and there’ll be two player battles too.

To finish things off, the 12.1MP Satio – formerly the Idou – made its UK debut, and it looks a fine ‘piece’ for your gadget holster. Rocking a Xenon flash, 3.5in touchscreen and GPS, it’ll be a fierce touchscreen competitor when it launches in October.

Stay tuned for hands-on videos of all three of Sony Ericsson’s starlets very soon.