Samsung teases new tablet ahead of the Galaxy Note 5 launch

Could this be Samsung's answer to the iPad Mini?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ will be revealed next Thursday. That's an indisputable fact, given the copious amount of leaks which have shown off both of the unannounced handsets from every conceivable angle.

If an official teaser picture directly from Samsung is anything to go by, we could also have a brand new tablet on our hands too.

The shot only gives us a glimpse of a larger, tablet-sized device, and its size appears to be gunning for the likes of the iPad Mini, which remains a dominant force in the tablet world.

It's impossible to tell if the mysterious tablet will sport an S Pen stylus, but its design appears to include the same metal edge as its smartphone siblings, suggesting that this could be the most premium tablet that the South Korean tech giant has ever produced.

We'll know the full details on 13 August, where we'll be reporting live from the front lines, so stay tuned.

[Samsung via SlashGear]