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The Samsung Galaxy S7 will apparently have a microSD slot

Media hoarders rejoice. But not too hard. Nothing’s certain yet…

The Galaxy S6 is a lovely handset. It’s sleek, sexy, and powerful, which is why it’s currently sitting at the number one spot in our Top 10 Smartphones list. But it’s not perfect.

One major gripe that quite a few Android fans have with the handset is its lack of expandable storage. Unlike its LG G4 rival, the Galaxy S6 has neither a microSD slot or a removable battery – but the former could change for Samsung’s next flagship.

According to the latest rumour courtesy of an Italian Samsung blog, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will see the microSD slot return.

If true, then we expect the new location to be on the side of the device, next to the SIM slot, as we very much doubt that Samsung will go back to a removable rear back and swappable battery.

With the LG G5 rumoured to have an all-metal build – possibly putting its expandable storage and removable battery at risk – the next generation of handsets could see the tables flip.

Or not. This is a rumour, after all.

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