The LG G5 will apparently have an all-metal body

But will it drop the removable battery?

It was only a matter of time before the tech rumour mill started to crank out LG G5 news, and it seems that the whispers have finally begun.

According to a report on Naver, the LG G5 will arrive with a unibody metal build, suggesting that the leather and plastic rear of the G4 will be axed, to make way for a more premium-feeling handset that will better cope with the metal and glass materials used by its rivals.

The LG V10, with its stainless steel sides, has already shown a step up in build quality, and the G5 could take this further with an all-metal body. While it’s potentially good news for design fans though, we could see the end of the G4’s coveted removable battery - a sacrifice that tends to be made when adopting an all-metal design.

It’s far too early to verify this rumour of course, but the move to more premium materials definitely isn’t the craziest move that LG could make.

We expect to hear much more about the G5 over the next few months, so stay tuned.

[via Android Authority]