Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom is almost ready for its close-up

What? You didn't think Samsung was going to lie around after the S5 launch, did you?
Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom is almost ready for its close-up

Samsung looks set to release a Galaxy S5 Zoom handset, at least if a benchmark from GFXBench proves to be genuine.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom in June last year, which brought 10x optical zoom to what was essentially a camera with a phone built into it.

The Galaxy S5 benchmark points to a beefier (and presumably equally bulky) device, with a larger 4.8in 720p display and a bigger 19MP sensor on the rear, along with a 2MP snapper on the front.

It's nippier in the silicon department too, with a 1.3GHz Samsung Exynos 5 hexa-core processor and 2GB of RAM - both of which should keep Android 4.4.2 KitKat nice and happy.

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The internal storage has thankfully bulked up to 16GB, though you'll want to take advantage of its microSD slot if you want the luxury of local music and photo storage.

Although absent from the benchmark specifications, we presume that the Galaxy S5 Zoom will once again rock a Xenon flash.

While we haven't got an image to go on, it will be interesting to see if the Galaxy S5 Zoom will have anything in common with the full-fat Galaxy S5. Will it have a textured dimpled soft-touch back? Will Samsung include a heart rate sensor on what it essentially a compact camera? 

We'll just have to keep our eyes on the Samsung rumour mill to find out.

We've only ever seen one Galaxy S4 Zoom in the wild, and it's fair to say that the the Korean tech giant hasn't had the same success with the Zoom as its Galaxy counterpart.

If Samsung has somehow managed to trim some of the fat from the previous model's chunky 15.4mm thin body however, than we could see quite a few more smartphone/camera hybrids while we're out and about.

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