Samsung Galaxy S3 has twice the battery life of the HTC One X

We pitted the top two Android superphones against each other in the battery arena, and Samsung's flagship walked away victorious

We've updated our world-first Samsung Galaxy S3 review with a battery life test, which shows that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has almost twice the battery life of the HTC One X, its top-tier Android rival.

We tested each phone simultaneously by setting both screens to 50 per cent brightness with Wi-Fi on, and played a continuous video loop until each phone finally pushed its last pixel.

The end result? The Samsung Galaxy S3 lasted an impressive 8h:26m in comparison to the HTC One X which ran out of juice after 4h:51m.

It's certainly an impressive showing from Samsung – and it could be down to any number of factors, including the Galaxy S3's larger 2100mAh battery in comparison to the HTC One X's 1800mAh offering.

Samsung's home-grown quad-core Exynos processor may also have a part to play – it could be more efficient than Nvidia's Tegra 3 counterpart. The Galaxy S3's AMOLED screen could also account for a little extra juice.

No matter the reason, the Galaxy S3's whopping battery life is certainly hard to ignore – and this feature alone could be the deciding factor for smartphone aficionados looking to squeeze as much juice out of their pocket powerhouse as possible. Decisions, decisions...

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