Samsung Galaxy Note 20 preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: Samsung dates the reveal as Note 20 Ultra hands-on footage leaks

Samsung's Galaxy S20 line launched this past spring, which means the Galaxy Note 20 is next on the horizon, right? Well yes, it appears that way.

Leaks are amassing around Samsung's next stylus-driven phone, which is expected to largely keep the design philosophy of both the Galaxy Note 10 and S20. Will it introduce enough features to pull people in? And will the pandemic delay Samsung's usual Note release window?

Here's everything we've heard so far.

(Concept renders via OnLeaks/Pigtou)

What will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 look like?

Envision the Samsung Galaxy S20 in your mind, but slightly boxier. Got it? Well, you've probably figured it out then.

Rumours currently suggest that there won't be any huge design shake-up for the Galaxy Note 20, which still ought to have a centered selfie camera cutout on the screen and a more rectangular aesthetic than the S20.

Early case designs (purportedly based on leaked specs) from established leaker IceUniverse suggest a similar-looking camera array on the back, too, which may mean that there's little different about this year's model.

The concept renders and video all around this page come from notorious leaker OnLeaks in association with Pigtou, and show a rumoured design that suggests very little in the form of changes for the Note 20+ design.