Pure aims to crack America with Connect music streaming service

Pure takes its Connect service and Jongo streaming systems Stateside to show the big boys how it's done
Pure Jongo with Connect

Pure, British purveyor of fine desktop radios and in-car audio systems, has announced that it's taking its music streaming service, Connect, stateside.

The launch coincides with the US debut of the Jongo multiroom Wi-Fi music system, which now plays nicely with the Connect streaming service and is already available to buy in Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

Connect currently features a roster of 15 million tracks from independent and all the major labels. Unsurprisingly given its background in radio, Pure one-ups the likes to Spotify and Deezer by integrating live and on-demand radio streams into Connect, and is available via an iOS and Android app, or online at pureconnect.com. 

There are three tiers of service: Connect Green (£free), which allows you to play your own tracks and stream from 20,000-ish web radio services and 200,000 on-demand podcasts and programmes; Connect Blue (£4.99/US$4.99 per month), which adds unlimited streaming of Pure's library of tracks; and Connect Violet(£9.99/US$9.99 per month), which adds offline caching.

Move over, Spotify

Spotify Connect

As much as Pure would like any user to sign up to Connect, the service really comes into its own when partnered with a Jongo. A little bit like Spotify's own Connect tech, your phone, tablet or PC becomes a remote control for the home audio system, allowing you to control the playlist and radio streams and sync to every Jongo you have (Spotify only streams to a single device at the moment).

Pure's focused its multi-room efforts on making sure tracks can be seamlessly synced to every Jongo in your house. It reckons competitor systems (*cough* Sonos) use inferior syncing technology to the proprietary Caskeid system created by parent company and silicon wizard Imagination Technologies. 

Caskeid apparently reduces sync delay to an imperceptible 50 nanoseconds, but the really interesting news is that Pure is planning to license the technology out to third parties so that they can work just as seamlessly with the Jongo system, and with Connect.

Stay tuned for a review of Connect and the full Jongo speaker range from us soon.