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PS4 games are now on PlayStation Now – and this is where you should start

You can finally stream PlayStation 4 games to your console or PC

As promised this spring, you can now stream full PlayStation 4 games via Sony’s PlayStation Now service, whether you have an actual PS4 console or a Windows PC.

PlayStation Now is best known for pumping last-gen PS3 games to your devices, but now the service can handle the glossy graphics and complex computations of modern-day games, flinging them over an Internet connection to your TV or computer monitor.

Why bother with PlayStation Now if you already own a PS4? Value, potentially: with reasonably-priced monthly and annual all-you-can-play subscriptions, you can tap into the entire library of PS4 and PS3 games, with more than 400 total titles available right now in the UK (and 500+ in the United States). That’s a lot of gaming.

That said, the PS4 end of the equation is pretty slim for now: there are 51 PS4 games available on PlayStation Now in the UK, and even fewer in the States, plus the initial lineup lacks all of the heavy hitters we’d hoped for back in March.

Still, there’s plenty worth checking out on PS4 or PC, so head here for the complete UK list, and keep reading for our picks of the first five PS4 games to play on PlayStation Now.


Nobody expected Resogun to be one of the must-play titles in the jam-packed PS4 launch lineup, but this dazzling throwback shooter truly wowed initial PS4 owners. Almost four years later, it’s still well worth a look via PlayStation Now.

Resogun is cut from the DNA of old-school greats like Defender, Robotron, and R-Type, and the end result sort of feels like a genre best-of – and even so, it’s best of class on its own, with a unique blend of blasting and rescuing, tense battles, and splashy effects.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

We called Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture "one of the least game-like games there’s ever been" – and then proceeded to recommend it to everyone. It’s true! While you don’t do a lot in this remarkable indie experience, its impact is second to none.

You’ll wander around a quiet English village that’s actually a bit too quiet: that’s because everybody has disappeared. What happened? Well, as you follow the ball of glowing energy that flitters around town, you’ll catch memories of what residents experienced before they vanished. It’s a rather powerful meditation on life, love, faith, death, and so much more.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Truth be told, we’d rather have Guerilla’s brand new game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, on here – but Killzone: Shadow Fall still offers plenty of shooting fun. This gorgeous sci-fi shooter finds a nice middle ground between wielding its high-tech weaponry and a bit of stealth surprise.

The campaign is mostly great, although it fizzles out a bit by the end. Likewise, the online multiplayer action is mostly compelling, although the slow pace might irk you a bit. Still, if you didn’t check out the latest Killzone back when it was fresh, there’s still plenty of reason to dig into this slick experience.

God of War III: Remastered

While we wait for Kratos’ upcoming evolution in next year’s God of War reboot, you can revisit one of his absolute best adventures with added sheen in God of War III: Remastered.

This updated edition takes the incredible PS3 entry and glosses up the graphics, keeping all the huge set pieces and dizzying combos intact all the while. True, longtime PlayStation fans probably encountered this one a while ago, but for PC players who haven’t had a semi-recent Sony console, this is an essential play.

Tearaway Unfolded

Have you heard of a little game called LittleBigPlanet? Well, those creative geniuses at Media Molecule made Tearaway Unfolded afterwards, and it’s just as much of a charmer.

Tearaway actually began life on PlayStation Vita, but it’s no slouch in this expanded PS4 edition, which provides further polish to this gorgeous papercraft world and its inhabitants. The platform-hopping action gets a clever twist from the DualShock 4’s myriad touch and motion inputs, as well. Tearaway was sadly never an LBP-like smash, but you can give it fresh life by checking it out on PlayStation Now.

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