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Horizon: Zero Dawn – and 4 other PS4 exclusive games you’ll (probably) be able to play on PC soon

Say hello to PS4 games on PlayStation Now

Back in 2015, Sony gifted PS4 gamers the ability to remote play PS3 titles via PlayStation Now.

It was as easy as firing up the console, streaming your chosen game from a server and – voila! – you had a wealth of legacy titles at your disposal, to play without downloading (provided you had suitably speedy broadband).

Then, last year, Sony surprised everyone again by bringing PS Now to PC. Suddenly, PC gamers with a subscription could stream and play more than 400 PS3 titles – with saves stored in the cloud for cross-platform progress.

Thought it couldn’t get any better? Think again: PlayStation’s maker has just announced that PS4 titles will soon be made available on PS Now. There’s no concrete release date, but a private test is set to launch in the next few weeks.

While there’s no confirmed list of titles available yet, we can speculate that the news means we’ll soon be cloud-playing a host of PS4 exclusives.

Here are 5 that we can’t wait to give a go on a PC.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Will PS4’s latest big-ticket exclusive hit PS Now? Well, given the breadth of PS3 titles that were available on the server-based system when it launched, we wouldn’t be surprised – especially given just how popular it’s proving to be.

We reviewed Horizon: Zero Dawn just last month and it’s safe to say we fell in love with its brilliant bio-mech animals, stunning settings and compelling story-telling.

The idea that we could continue to explore the superb scenery of Horizon via our laptop when away from our PC is quite the thrilling one, then.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief

Nathan Drake’s adventures have long held us rapt – and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End pretty much topped the series off.

With charming characters, enough treasure-hunting to please a pirate and settings that were fantastically realised, Uncharted 4 delivered everything we wanted from Drake’s final outing – and more.

What better excuse, then, to revisit A Thief’s End than to play it on PC via PS Now? Given the scale of the levels it could be quite a challenge to stream – but we’ve seen it done with Uncharted 3. Here’s hoping.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian was no flawless title, with sluggish controls and a big feathery beast that sometimes felt as if it was trolling you by refusing to do what it was supposed to.

All the same, it was a completely immersive, emotionally engaging and beautifully dramatic piece of gaming craftsmanship that held us in thrall long after we completed its 12 or so hours of gameplay.

And, given that it was a game all about companionship, its arrival on PS4 would mean many more hours spent exploring with Trico – and coaxing the blasted dog/cat/eagle to jump – even when away from your console.



As console exclusives go, Bloodborne was a risky one: as easily one of the grimmest titles to grace the PS4, its brand of rock hard, obscure and altogether gloomy role-playing could well have come off rather badly.

Instead, it ended up as a deeply satisfying title, with a rich world to explore (albeit one packed with grime and frustration) – and one that took a seriously hefty time investment to make worthwhile.

Never played it? Should this dark PS4 title hit PS Now you’ll be able to keep cracking on across platforms – which will probably only serve to suck you in further.

Until Dawn

Smarter than your usual teen horror romp

Scary realism and enough jump scares to keep you on your toes made Until Dawn a surprising hit back in 2015, with a storyline that made the real consequences of your actions painfully evident.

Sure, the plot might not have been revolutionary, but it was thrilling all the same, with plenty of tension and the fates of almost every character in your hands.

In fact, upon finishing it, the first thing we wanted to do was play it all over again to see how differently things could’ve panned out – which would make it an excellent addition to PS Now, a platform arguably built around an insatiable need to hit the PlayStation, even when you don’t have one to hand.

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