£23 Android tablet launches in India

You want a cheap tablet? The Ubislate 7 starts at just US$35. Bargain. Or is it?

Ever chucked £20 out of a cab window by mistake, thinking it was a kebab wrapper? Or lost it in a bet because you couldn't quite squeeze into the freezer? Well, you could have been rolling in budget Android tablets by now – the Aakash tablet has just been launched in India for £23 (US$35). Aimed at school kids, the tablet supports web browsing, video calls, has a three-hour battery life and was made by UK based DataWind and the Indian Institute of Technology.

DataWind is charging slightly more for its commercial version of the tablet, the Ubislate 7, but the price is still only $60 – about £40. The 350g Ubislate 7 is powered by a 366Mhz procesor and runs on the out-of-date Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS but does feature a 7in capacitive touch-screen, Wi-Fi and USB port. And from the looks of it, there's access to Android Market too. The Ubislate 7 is being released in a matter of weeks at the end of October – the only question is, will it take the same amount of time to boot up?


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