Philips launches hard as nails Esee pocket camcorder

The Philips ESee camcorder can take a bit of rough and tumble

As smartphones get progressively powerful and more intelligent HD video recording capabilities, it would seem there isn't room for HD pocket cams in this wonderful world of tech anymore. Philip's doesn't seem to think so, though, which is why it has just launched its new ESee pocket camcorder.

Unlike the majority of smartphones, Philips' little cam can take a beat-down. Its rugged credentials include being shockproof to 1.5 metres, dustproof and waterproof to three metres for up to two hours – so you can afford to be a bit careless with it as it accompanies you on your aquatic adventures.

Full 1080p HD video recording is on the menu, but if you want to get your latest LOL cat video onto YouTube in the nick of time, the ESee can simultaneously shoot at a much lower QWVGA 240p version, thanks to Philips' advanced compression system. So you can enjoy sharp HD quality playback on its 2in screen, while sharing a much smaller file via email or the web. Sharing's been made easy thanks to the built-in Windows software for one-button uploading to sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Need to make a few quick edits? In-built video editing options should take care of that.

Philips also chucks in anti-shake and gyro sensors, an 8MP sensor for stills, complete with a flash, auto focus and face and smile recognition. The ESee's battery life is being touted at two hours – which sounds a bit rubbish, so keep that charger close – while a micro SD slot can handle cards up to 32GB.

The Philips ESee is available right now, for the relatively pocket-friendly price of £150.

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