Pebble unveils world's thinnest smartwatch with Time Round

It looks lovely, but a bit of battery life's been lost

Unconvinced by the Apple Watch? Not quite smitten by Samsung’s Gear S2? The new Pebble Round may just take your wrist’s fancy.

A follow-up to this year’s Time and Time Steel, the Round (unsurprisingly) features a brand new circular clock-face. At just 7.5mm and an airy weight of 28g, it also shaves off the bulk of its brethren to be the lightest, thinnest smartwatch money can buy… when it’s released sometime in the UK in late 2015. US-based will be able to grab themselves a Round in November.

You’ll be able to customise the Round with two different sized bands, and can deck it out in black, silver or gold depending on how P. Diddy you’re feeling.

As far as functionality is concerned, the Round will be sharing the colour e-paper display and timeline interface seen on the Time and Time Steel, and will be able to work with iPhone and Android handsets as usual.

If you think the Round’s design changes are purely cosmetic, there’s a spanner in the clock-works. Prior Pebbles were solid as rock when it came to battery life, lasting up to 10 days off a single charge. The Time Round only claims to offer two days usage before you’ll have to power it up again.

We’ve been promised a super speedy charge time, with 15 minutes giving you a full day’s use. It does seem as though the Time Round may disappoint in the one area previous Pebbles left Apple’s Watch in the dust.

You can reserve the watch from and Amazon now for the starting price of $249. That’s the same price as the Pebble Time Steel.