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How you’ll be able to create truly insane videos from text thanks to OpenAI’s Sora tool

What you'd once have needed a camera to capture, you can now create with just a single sentence. And it's all thanks to AI.

Tokyo video created by OpenAI Sora

We’ve had a pretty fast-paced year for AI tools, especially from OpenAI. They’re the makers of ChatGPT, DALL-E, and have arguably inspired other AI chatbots to hit the shelves. They’re also the ones working on self-aware AI, but we’ll leave that for another day, as I don’t want any existential dread this weekend. Instead, OpenAI’s latest tool is going to replace the best cameras – it can create entire videos just from your text prompt.

So, what’s the deal with Sora? It’s an AI model that’s been trained to understand your text instructions and then, like a digital Spielberg, create them as full video scenes. Want a stylish lady strutting down Tokyo lit by neon glow? Or perhaps a close encounter with woolly mammoths in a snowy landscape? Sora’s got you covered, generating these scenes with a flair that’ll make you question reality.

The examples OpenAI flaunts range from the stunningly realistic to the delightfully whimsical. We’re talking a cinematic journey from a drone’s view of Big Sur’s rugged cliffs to an animated, fluffy monster pondering the mysteries of a melting candle. They’re not perfect – if you look closely, you’ll be able to nitpick some mistakes. But it’s impressive to say it’s completely made up.

Sora isn’t just playing around, it’s a real thing. OpenAI is rolling it out to experts to poke, prod, and assess for any potential risks or harms. They’re also letting visual artists, designers, and filmmakers get their creative hands on it. The goal here is to refine this tech marvel further. It’s not quite available for the public to get their hands on, yet, but it’ll only be a matter of time.

And because we’re living in the age of “pics or it didn’t happen,” safety is a top priority. OpenAI isn’t just throwing Sora into the wild without a leash. They’re gearing up with safety nets, like detection classifiers to spot Sora-generated videos and robust image classifiers to keep the content in check.

Sora represents a thrilling new chapter in AI’s evolution. New tools (and products) are coming thick and fast. If you remember the Will Smith eating spaghetti AI video, you can see how far we’ve come. So, whether you’re a filmmaker dreaming, a designer seeking inspiration, or just someone who loves to marvel at the sheer coolness of tech, Sora is a glimpse into a future where the lines between creation, imagination, and AI blur into something truly extraordinary. And I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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