Multiple video previewing app Gnzo launches for iPhone

"Instagram for video" app lets you share, tag and collate short clips for free

Billing itself as "Instagram for video," iPhone app Gnzo lets you shoot and upload short video clips. Any video you add to Gnzo can be tagged so a collection of clips all tie into the same topic.

Gnzo's search function is lush: type in a keyword and all results will play simultaneously as thumbnails, allowing for a brilliant preview. Tap a video and it will launch in full-screen mode.

Videos you like can be "clipped" for later viewing and favourites can be posted to Facebook or Twitter. You can also comment on other people's videos.

Gnzo hails from Japan, so the app comes in English or Japanese. The company also has plans for an Android version later in the year.

If you fancy showing off your shooting skills in bite-size chunks, Gnzo for iPhone is available for free from the App Store.

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