Motorola RAZR vs HTC Titan

We stack the revived RAZR against HTC's Windows Phone giant

Motorola RAZR vs HTC Titan – Build

The Titan might not feel particularly chunky in your hand, at just less than 10mm thick and weighing in at 160g, but that's until you compare it to Motorola's latest offering. The super-slim RAZR is just 127g and 7.1mm thick, making it the slimmest phone in the world right now.

But the RAZR's no delicate flower – this is an ideal phone for accident-prone smartphone users with Kevlar and Gorilla Glass adding protection.

Motorola RAZR vs HTC Titan – Screen 

If size matters above all else, the Titan's 4.7in, 198ppi screen will be fine for watching films and TV shows on the go but the RAZR has a not too shabby 4.2in screen itself.

Added screen rep comes in the form of Super AMOLED and qHD 960x540 resolution. We'd go with Moto on this one.

Motorola RAZR vs HTC Titan – Power and performance 

The RAZR has done Motorola proud here – 12.5 hours of talktime thanks to the 1800mAh battery and a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor should keep multi-tasking, graphics-intensive Android games and video playback ticking along nicely.

HTC has packed a mighty 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor into the Titan – so it should be speedy but as it's just single-core you won't save any power. And the Titan's battery is slightly smaller at 1600mAh. One more for the RAZR – we see a pattern emerging.

Motorola RAZR vs HTC Titan – OS

Here the battle moves to mobile OS territory – how does Android Gingerbread, soon to be Ice Cream Sandwich, compare to some fresh Windows Phone Mango? Well, what Mango does well is social integration with Facebook and Twitter, a UI made up of nice, big tiles and efficient multi-tasking.

But if you've already got an Android handset, you might find it easier to adjust to the RAZR's Gingerbread set-up, complete with the superior Android Market.

Motorola RAZR vs HTC Titan – Camera

The Titan puts up a good fight in the photo arena, sporting an 8MP rear camera with dual LED flash and 720p video capabilities. But the RAZR one-ups HTC with its ability to shoot 1080p HD video – that should look good on that qHD screen..

VERDICT: We'll give this one to the RAZR as it outclasses the Titan in most of our categories. You'll get a brighter, higher-res screen, tougher build, great battery life and – come 2012 – Android 4.0. But if you want to give Mango a whirl and a massive screen is essential, then the HTC Titan is a better bet.

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