Moto Maker will soon let you customise a Moto 360 smartwatch

How do you want your wearable? Motorola’s web interface will offer various build options

If you want a Moto X - and you really should - you can use Motorola’s unique Moto Maker website to kit out a personalised handset with various backings (like real wood) and accent colours. If you’re buying a pricey new phone, you might as well, right?

And starting in March, you’ll also be able to customise the company’s great Moto 360 smartwatch, which debuted back in September without the feature. Multiple casings, band types, and even default watch faces will be available for you to mix and match to generate your ultimate wearable.

Wired has the full scoop on the Moto Maker update, and the process looks quite similar to that of tweaking the Moto X, albeit with fewer options - there’s less to fiddle with when it comes to an Android smartwatch, apparently.

You can choose black or champagne gold casings as opposed to the standard light silver, and band options will include leather and metal (with a new single-link band style), as well as sizes designed for average male and female wrists. And then you can choose which of the 11 watch faces appears when you first turn on the device, with a couple of brand new ones in the mix.

Otherwise, the Moto 360 remains the same appealing device it was back in September, albeit now with some nice visual tweaks. Motorola hinted to Wired’s writer that this may be the next step towards incorporating many more options, or perhaps offering special curated builds - but for now, it’s a nice option for anyone that’s been thinking about taking the plunge on Android Wear.

[Source: Wired]