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Microsoft Surface pre-orders delayed until November 2nd

It looks like Microsoft’s Surface is more popular than expected which means that October 26th release is delayed

If you’re one of the excited Microsoft fans hoping to become an early adopter of the Surface tablet, it’s bad news. It looks like those who have pre-ordered won’t receive it on the October 26th release date and will have to wait until November 2nd.

There will still be tablets in store when they go on sale at midnight on October 25th. But if you pre-ordered you will have to wait, if the below email to a customer who did just that is anything to go by. It looks like a UK and Canada issue only at the moment leading us to suspect shipping problems as the cause.

Here’s hoping the 5 million units Microsoft plans to make are enough. Shortages could drive people into the hands on Apple with its iPad Mini or Google with the 32GB Nexus 7.

[via Engadget]

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