Mattel to release Back to the Future hoverboards by the end of the year

Sure it might not hover for now, but we still have until 2015 for the real deal…

Our desire-o-meter has officially been busted by Mattel’s announcement that it will deliver replica Back to the Future hoverboards by the end of the year.

Before you faint with glee, we should point out that these hoverboards will be high quality 1:1 replicas and won’t actually hover – but we have until 2015 for that, so this first batch should see us through rather nicely.

This first run of Back to the Future hoverboards will feature ‘multiple whooshing noises’ and will glide over most surface, bar water. It’s not yet clear how and where the board will glide, but that hasn’t quenched our desire for one in the slightest.

You can reserve your very own hoverboard (for a currently undisclosed price) between March 1 and March 20, after which boards will begin shipping towards the end of the year. Although a minimum number of boards need to be pre-ordered to hit production, we can’t imagine Mattel will be struggling to make up the numbers.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a hoverboard to reserve. Our Back to the Future Nike MAG trainers have been waiting all too long for this moment…

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