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The next Apple event is rumoured for 8 March

Let's hope the rumours are right this time

Apple's iPhone SE line-up pictured as of 2022

We’ve come to expect Apple to hold events throughout the year and there’s generally one in the March timeframe. The calendars have just flipped over to February, so fans are eagerly awaiting Apple’s Spring event.

The latest rumour suggests fans won’t have to wait long at all, pencilling the event in for Tuesday, 8 March. This date comes from Mark Gurman’s newsletter, a Bloomberg reporter with a solid track record. Gurman currently holds an 85.5% accuracy rating for his Apple leaks, according to AppleTrack.

Of course, many of you will remember hearing the same report last year. Apple rumours suggested we’d see the first event of 2021 in March, but it turned out to be in April instead.

In fact, Gurman himself even noted that the date may get pushed back in the face of production delays. Whatever the rumours suggest, Apple still has plenty of time to change its mind.

“What can we expect from this event?”, you ask. Gurman went on to explain he expects Apple to unveil a new iPhone SE and iPad Air at the event. These devices aren’t the most exciting Apple could be announcing.

The iPhone SE is Apple’s budget smartphone, and reports suggest it’ll take the same dated design with the addition of 5G. So, nothing new there. We expect the new iPad Air to come with a few more minor upgrades, but still nothing game-changing.

While definitely not the most exciting products for techies like us, these are important products, nonetheless, appealing to the budget and everyday consumers.

But there is one more thing, perhaps both in this story and at the Apple event. Gurman notes that there may be a new Apple Silicon Mac device revealed at the event as well.

Unfortunately, Gurman didn’t provide any more information than that (and it’s really not much to go on, either). We would guess there will be a new version of the MacBook Air but we’re also awaiting a replacement for the 27-inch iMac. But, of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.