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Save £170 on Logitech G920 racing wheel and pedals

Race at 130MPH without leaving your home

logitech G920

The closest thing to getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car is to recreate one from the comfort of your living room. Trust us, we tried it ourselves. Getting a true to life feel of driving at 130MPH can be a pricey pursuit, however, and you’ll need a reliable steering wheel and pedals to stop you totalling your car halfway through a race.

That’s where the Logitech G920 Driving Force racing wheel and floor pedals can help. Ordinarily, this set of stainless steel pedals and leather clad steering wheel would set you back £350. Not anymore: a whopping 49% saving is to be made on Amazon UK right now, bringing the price down to a much more palatable £180.

Available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC gaming titles, the Logitech G920 bundle offers precision steering and pressure-sensitive pedals for extra immersive racing simulation. The Driving Force racing wheel delivers smooth and quiet steering, but as it comes with a hand-stitched leather cover it’s probably best for vegetarians and vegans to avoid. A 900-degree rotational field mimics that of a real Formula 1 racing car. This basically means you can turn the wheel two and a half times. The pedals can be fully customised too, with pressure-sensitivity allowing you to feel the race track while in your slippers.

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For even more realistic racing, the Logitech G920 racing wheel and floor pedal bundle can be paired with the Driving Force gear lever. Built with a strong steel drive axle and operated by a six-speed poker, the Driving Force gear lever is currently 46% off at £30.

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