Live from Berlin: Bluetooth iPod streamer due this month

Sure, the Belkin TuneStage was officially launched back in April. But we've just listened to a mighty fine demo and have been singing its praises to anyone who'll listen. The good news is you'll be able to buy your own later this month

Throughout today Stuff will be reporting live from the IFA gadget show in Berlin

Belkin's corking wireless hi-fi link for the iPod goes on sale this month.

That's what we've just been told by Belkin, which has been demo-ing its impressive music streaming gadget at IFA today. The sound quality we heard was impossible to tell from a wired connection - and it didn't suffer any interference, despite being surrounded by more wireless gadgetry than the Stuff office. 

The TuneStage consists of two parts, a Bluetooth adapter for your Pod, and a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into your stereo's RCA sockets. They're automatically paired together at hardware level, thus avoiding nasty wireless setup shennanigans. 

You can try one for yourself later this month - it'll cost a hundred quid.