LG readies slimmed down Optimus 3D 2 smartphone

Get ready for a more streamlined LG Optimus 3D handset

Now that HTC has outed its EVO 3D smartphone, the Optimus 3D is no longer the only 3D phone on the block. So, LG has been busy prepping its glasses-free 3D smartie for round two of its third dimensional onslaught. Thanks to Pocket-Lint, who managed to get the information on the Optimus 2 directly from the horse's mouth – the horse being one of its developers, Dr Henry Noh – we now know LG plans to shave a considerable amount from its girth to make it a very pocket-friendly 7mm thick, and we can expect it to arrive sometime in 2012.

Stating the obvious, he admitted the Optimus 3D isn't 'the sexiest phone on the street', and is hoping to rectify that with a more streamlined successor.

At 11.9mm thick, the original Optimus 3D is certainly not the slimmest handset around, but being the only 3D phone in town, it got away with it – that is until HTC's efforts came along and speculation started to point to a 3D smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy S family. However, with an update inbound, the Optimus 3D 2 is set to become a gorgeous slice of mobile hardware.

A sexy, slimmer Optimus 3D sounds rather tasty, doesn't it?


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