This is the LG G4, accidentally leaked via LG’s own site

Removable leather backings, a familiar silhouette, and additional camera details spill out

LG has taken an uncommon approach with the G4’s reveal, spotlighting individual features of the overall smartphone experience in the weeks running up to the full 28 April announcement. As such, we’re guessing the company didn’t mean to share this treasure trove of images and renders.

Reliable leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks on Twitter) located what looks to be a staging microsite via the source code on LG’s own webpage, which revealed dozens of images of the LG G4 and its features, as well as descriptions of what to expect. However, the listed specifications appear to be placeholders leftover from the G3, since we doubt the G4 is shipping with Android KitKat.

Blass shared the link out on Twitter last night, and LG has expectedly pulled the page since. But it’s all out there, and while full specs are still missing in action, we’ve learned quite a bit from what was there.

At a glance, the G4 doesn’t look dramatically different in shape - if anything, it’s a little closer to the G Flex 2 in style, albeit with a flat display. There’s a texture to the bezel now, however, and there’s still a good bit of bezel to be had here around the 5.5in quad HD display.

On the back, however, is where things change a fair bit: quite literally, too. The LG G4 has interchangeable back plates that allow specialized backings like various leather options (as teased by LG) or more typical rubberized backs to be swapped in with ease. And the G4 maintains the microSD slot of its predecessor, with a 3,000mAh removable battery pack in there as well.

Based on the dimensions listed - 149.1mm x 75.3mm x 8.9mm - it’ll have roughly the same form as the G3, with just a hair more width and almost three millimeters extra on height. LG’s optional Quick Circle cover returns, as well, with a cutout to display part of the screen when closed.

And although LG had already shared significant details on the G4’s back camera - a 16-megapixel shooter with a f/1.8 aperture for increased low-light detail and faster shutter speeds - we now know more. Namely, besides the laser autofocus from the G3, it’ll also have an infrared color spectrum sensor to better reproduce colours, along with a special “light trail effect” option and a full manual shooting mode.

Between the intentional early marketing and this new leak, all we really need LG to do at this point is put an official bow on the handset and fill in some small blanks - which the company is expected to do in two short weeks.

[Sources: Twitter, The Verge]

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