LG's new G4 launch event invite gives us a clear glimpse at a leather-backed handset

The South Korean tech giant's 2015 superphone will step into the spotlight on 28 April

It's official folks - the LG G4 will be revealed on 28 April. And it's going to be dressed in leather.

We previously received a leather-themed invite from LG asking us to save the date on 28 April, for a 'G' related device.

This newer invite not only mentions the G4 by name, but it also give us the clearest look yet at the upcoming handset.

What appears to be genuine stitched leather surrounds the now-familiar rear buttons on the G3, with a camera lens surrounded by a laser autofocus and dual LED flash sitting above them. An fast f1.8 lens is also mentioned, which is something that LG has already teased in an earlier video. 

It's hard to judge from the invite alone whether or not the leather rear of the G4 is real, but we're hoping for something a little classier than the faux-leather back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

We're also hoping that the switch to a newer material hasn't sacrificed the G3's removable battery and microSD slot - two features that are crucial for Android power users, who have been left out in the cold with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in both of those departments.

We'll be bringing you all the action live from the G4 launch event on 28 April, so stay tuned.