LaCie launches the CloudBox hybrid HDD

Worried about cloud-based security? LaCie has you covered

Cloud storage seems to be all the rage these days, with Apple, Google and Amazon all taking an interest in the online storage pie. For some, the freedom of the cloud is cancelled out by security concerns, which is why LaCie has done its best to ensure that the 100GB CloudBox external hard drive is extra secure – the nifty black box applies 128-bit AES encryption to each and every file before uploading two copies to the great storage space in the sky.

Up to ten PCs/Macs and ten previous backups are supported and the box can keep in contact with the cloud the minute your files are uploaded, regardless of whether or not your computer is on. £180 may seem a lot for only 100GB of storage space, but with an influx of hackers and cable-munching cats, the extra peace of mind certainly seems worth it.


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