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Jenn-Air unveils smartphone-controlled wall oven

The Sunday roast just got an upgrade

How boring is cooking? Very, you say? We agree. Hand-turning dials is so last century. Even being in the same room as an oven sends us to sleep. But rejoice! Jenn-Air has just brought you its new smart oven, so you can control your cooker whilst sitting in the living room watching TV chefs control theirs.

Integration isn’t half-baked: apps (available for iOS and Android at launch) will give full control over the new oven, as well as bringing unique features like the Culinary Center, an interactive system giving guidance on cooking; it offers more than 30 food options, based on clever algorithms which take into account the food category, type, desired doneness and the cookware used. Sounds pretty tasty to us.


What of the oven itself? Company marketing director Brian Maynard says the app’s functionality is a natural corollary of unique interface features on the cooker, including an industry-first 7in full-colour touch-anywhere LCD panel, and an under-glass slider allowing users to select temperatures with no numbers or physical buttons in sight. It’ll even convert conventional cooking times into convection times automatically. Toasty.

And for all you fan fans, the new hot-box will feature Jenn-Air’s V2TM Dual-Fan Convection System. Using two fan elements drawing 6,800 watts to rotate air in opposite directions, the system offers even baking on all three of the oven’s racks at the same time, meaning no more soggy cakes and under-cooked Yorkshire puds.

What? You want even more tech in your oven? Who are we to disappoint: the Convection System also provides the power kneaded for the No Preheat function. That’s right, go ahead, put your tasty treats right on in with no need to preheat and no added time. As if that wasn’t enough, Jenn-Air have also thrown in 4,000 watt reflective broil (that’s "grill" to you and I here in Blighty) elements. Mmm, broily.

The best news? Form hasn’t trumped function: the sleek smart oven will look right at home in the most modern of kitchens, whilst soft-close doors, full-extension, smooth operation glide racks, a front-mounted light and larger window will avoid any clattering accidents to put the jeepers up the family pet.

Having stored the settings for your favourite recipes in the My Creations area of the app, you can stick in a roast, put some Grillex on the stereo, sit back and relax with the whole cakey bakey world at your fingertips.

Expected to hit shelves in September, the Smart Oven is tech that leaves a seriously good taste in your mouth.

[Source: PRNewswire]