It's Stuff smart home week

Let’s play, house

In partnership with Airthings 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the unnecessarily complicated ‘smart home’? We’ve decided to try and simplify things with a week-long online takeover to get you up-to-speed with the best products, platforms and broadband advice for joining the dots of your connected abode.

‘Consumer insight’ is not the sort of term you’ll hear us use very often, but bear with us. Consumer insight shows that, when it comes to the smart home, cost versus the value you’re going to get from a gadget is the deciding factor in whether to buy it.

We’re also told that people are bewildered by the choice, and because everything seems so complicated they give up. So we’ve attempted to unravel the smart home maze with the right products for the right platforms we think are worth your money.

We’ll also be deep diving into the murky world of broadband, routers and mesh networks so the connected devices dotted around your home work as they should. Coming your way over the course of the next five days you'll find expert reviews, a series of ‘best of’ lists for various smart home categories, how to articles for things like breathing better air and improving wellness at home, plus much more.

Check back here each day as we'll be adding fresh slices of content, and in case you miss anything sign up to the Stuff newsletter and we’ll recap everything for you on Friday.