iPad 3 should come in a 4G LTE variety

4G LTE equipment has been installed in US Apple Stores, pointing to a 4G LTE iPad 3

The iPad 3 should come in a 4G LTE version when it’s announced in the next hour or two. The last-minute news comes courtesy of cultofmac, which has spotted Verizon installing 4G LTE equipment in Apple Stores in the US.

The bad news for UK Apple fans still waiting for 4G will likely be stuck with a 3G iPad 3 for the time being. It’s not a terrible loss if the HD Retina Display, A6 core and Feel sensitive screen all come on the iPad 3 – or iPad HD, if some rumours are to be believed – but it still leaves a bitter taste.

Check back in at 6pm for our iPad 3 liveblog.

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