Humax unveils Fox-T2 Freeview HD box

Humax has unveiled its first Freeview HD set-top box that'll hit shelves around February, with another to follow in the second quarter of the year.Cap

Capable of receiving HD signals without the need of a dish, the Fox-T2 will also upscale standard def content to full HD, and will be able to play content from an external USB drive thanks to the integrated USB port.

It also features an Ethernet socket alongside the standard scart and HDMI port, which means the Fox-T2 will be ready to handle Humax's web portal services once they launch sometime in the future.

The only downside to it all is that the T2 only has one built-in TV tuner, so there's no recording one channel while watching another.

We're expecting to see the Freeview+ HD sibling to the T2 complete with 500GB hard drive in time for the World Cup in June.

A price for this is currently unknown, but we do know we can expect to pick up the Fox-T2 for around £170.

The HD-Fox T2 was announced as part of the company's 2010 product range, which will also include the Foxsat-HD2, an iPlayer packing Freesat HD set-top box, and the Foxsat-HDR2, which will come complete with a 500GB hard drive.

Are you looking forward to Freeview HD, and will you fork out for an updated set-top box? Let us know below.