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Here’s how much Sony’s new 8K and QD-OLED Bravia TVs will cost

They'll make your eyes pop in more way than one

A Sony TV pictured in a loft apartment at skyline level

Full price and release date details for the new Sony Bravia 2022 TVs have been announced – and the consumer electronics giant’s latest premium sets are every bit as eye-wateringly expensive as you already knew 8K and QD-OLED sets were going to be.

Right at the top of the line-up sit a pair of Sony Master Series Z95K Mini LEDs, with $7000 getting you a 75-inch model and the 85-inch version setting you back a cool $10,000. That’s about £5,600 and £8,000 respectively, in old money, with pre-orders set to go live this summer.

Just below them in this year’s pecking order are Sony’s debut QD-OLEDs. These combine Samsung panels with the Japanese company’s own world-beating image processing tech, and while far from cheap, they may allow you to keep both kidneys.

In this case, $3,000 (£2,400) gets you a 55-inch telly and $4,000 (£3,200) upgrades you to the larger 65-inch model – a premium of up to $1,000 compared to the Samsung equivalents. Pre-orders are set to commence in June for the US and later this May for Canada.

If your search for the best 4K TV takes you in the direction of Mini LED technology, then Sony’s X95K series is well worth a look for those with the dough. The 65-inch X95K costs $2,800, rising to $3,800 for the 75-inch set, and $5,500 for the largest 85-inch variant. These are also the only new Sony 2022 TVs that are up for pre-order immediately, albiet only in selected markets.

Elsewhere, pricing for Sony’s plain ol’ A80K OLEDs starts at $2,000 for a 55-inch set, which you might actually (almost) be able to afford, while the gaming-centred A90K Master Series OLEDs offer a choice of either 48-inch ($1,500) or 42-inch ($1,400) models. All of these come with support for HDMI 2.1, while the A90Ks add 120Hz gameplay and more.

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