Harry Potter books available for free on Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library gets all seven of JK Rowling’s wizardly tomes – but only in the US for now

Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library has just received a major boost: all seven Harry Potter books have appeared on its digital shelves.

The service, available to US-based subscribers to Amazon Prime, allows users to “borrow” e-books for free. Featuring over 145,000 titles, it’s just like a real life library, except it never runs out of copies, there’s no waiting list and no tramp taking a nap in the corner.

Annoyingly for us UK dwellers, the Kindle Lending Library is restricted to the US, but if we had to guess we’d say it’ll be launched in Blighty before too long. Until then, you’ll have to pay cold hard cash to read JK Rowling’s tales of the bespectacled boy wizard, just like everybody else…

[Amazon via ITProPortal]

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