Google Nexus tablet incoming?

Google's just swiped a senior director from Apple so we might be seeing some tasty hardware sooner than we thought

Google and Apple look set to start breaking the infamous "no poaching" deal between the two tech giants and companies like Intel, Adobe, Lucasfilm and Pixar. And we're hoping the latest move will speed up Google's work on the rumoured 7in Nexus tablet.

Since the pact not to steal each other's employees is crumbling, Google has gone ahead and nabbed Simon Prakash, senior director for product integrity at Apple. Prakash's job basically meant that he looked after quality control over everything being pumped out of Cupertino – from iPods to iMacs – so he's a hardware man.

And the secret project he'll be working on at Google? It can only be the Kindle Fire-killing Nexus tablet. Rumoured to be 7in, running Ice Cream Sandwich and coming in at a budget price (to take on Amazon's tab) Google might just be in with a chance at making the tablet war a little more interesting.

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