Google Fit to take on Apple's HealthKit

There's money in those health stats as Apple, Samsung and Google all vie for a slice of the pie
We've mocked up what a Google Fit heart rate tracker could look like

Hot on the heels of Apple's iOS 8 HealthKit, it looks like Google is set to announce its own health platform, Google Fit.

That's according to Forbes, which claims that Google is set to unveil Google Fit at its I/O conference on 25 June. What will Google Fit do? It aims to collect and aggregate data from all the various fitness trackers and apps out there. With Apple launching HealthKit and Samsung launching its own fitness data platform, Sami, in the last month, Google's move into health isn't surprising.

Google Fit will aggregate data from those various apps and trackers through open APIs. Forbes' sources report that wearables using the Android Wear platform will be able to aggregate and share data using Google Fit; Google is also said to be announcing partnerships with wearable device makers at the conference.

Microsoft will also be joining the smart watch party, with a watch that measures continuous heart rates; its own HealthVault is already a web-based platform for storing health information. Sure getting crowded in the health sphere now, isn’t it?

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[Source: Forbes]