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Gamepop console is the Netflix of videogames

BlueStack’s Android-based machine and 500 games come free with a $6.99 per month subscription

BlueStack has launched Gamepop, an Android-based games console pitched at the same market as the Ouya: it’s bringing mobile games to your living room.

But there’s a big difference in the business model: instead of customers paying for the whole thing up front, with Gamepop they get everything – the console, the controller and 500 games, which BlueStack claims are worth a total of US$350 – for free, as long as they pay a US$6.99 monthly fee. So it’s a bit like a Netflix for games. The free hardware offer extends to pre-orders made before the end of May.

The catch is that the minimum subscription period is 12 months, and you have to pay the lot up front. Add shipping to a US address and it comes to US$93.83 (international shipping is another US$9.95 on top of that). Still, it seems reasonable given the free hardware and the amount of games on offer.

One other interesting thing: you can use your smartphone as a controller for games, if you don’t fancy pawing the included pad.

You can pre-order Gamepop here.

[Gamepop via The Verge]

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