Gadget of the Day – Aqua Soundz waterproof speaker

Let's be honest, shower radios are on the whole, pretty rubbish – the signal is never quite right, they never stick to the wall properly, and th

Now, we wouldn't suggest you start messing around with precariously balancing your hi-fi on your sink, so we've dug out the Aqua Soundz speaker for you instead.

Simply plug the accompanying transmitter unit into your device – be it your CD player, iPod, or even your TV – and the transmitter will wirelessly send the audio of your choice to the speaker up to a range of 50 metres.

In case the name wasn't a hint, the speaker is completely waterproof, so you can take it along with you in the bath or shower, or just use it out in the garden and avoid the hassle of annoying extension cables.


Aqua Soundz Speaker

Price: £39.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Gadget Shop