Fully Charged: Rainbow Six Siege delayed, and Apple Watch appointments no longer needed

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Rainbow Six Siege delayed

And another release date bites the dust: Rainbow Six Siege is the latest big holiday game to skip its originally announced launch, but at least this delay isn't quite as severe. Ubisoft announced yesterday that the game will now launch on 1 December, instead of 13 October. So you'll still be able to play it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC by Christmas, but it'll be one of the last big games of the season.

Why the delay? For polish, as usual. Ubisoft says that based on testing and internal tests, the team still wants to tweak and improve the code, co-op play, and weapon and gadget balancing. Luckily, the closed multiplayer beta is still on target for 24 September, so at least anyone who pre-orders the game (or gets a code otherwise) will still be able to give the game a shot in just over a month.

[Source: UbiBlog]

No need for Apple Watch appointment

Eager to try on - and potentially purchase - the Apple Watch, but don't want to bother with making a pesky appointment? No problem. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has dropped the appointment need from its retail storefronts, so anyone can just pop in and test out various models of the smartwatch, assuming one of the testing areas is available.

We were quite fond of the Apple Watch when it launched back in April, based on its five-star review and continued perch atop our best smartwatches list, and the device ought to become even more useful and customisable with this autumn's launch of Watch OS 2.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

Samsung Galaxy O line coming?

File this under: "Wait, why?" According to SamMobile, Samsung plans to launch another line of Galaxy smartphones under the Galaxy O brand, with one model called the Galaxy O5 and the other named the Galaxy O7. Sadly, the report doesn't have any further details about specs or timeframe, only that Samsung is working on the new line.

Samsung's sinking smartphone fortunes were supposed to result in fewer models being released, yet we've got Galaxy S, Note, A (Galaxy A8 shown above), E, and J lines. It's a lot, and they're not differentiated enough for the average consumer to know why each is distinct - or why one company needs so many phones on the market at once.

[Source: SamMobile]

Amazon Dash Buttons repurposed

It might seem silly to press a button to have Amazon send you a box of macaroni and cheese or diapers, but that's exactly what the Dash Buttons do. But at $5 for a Wi-Fi connected button, they're much cheaper than customisable connected home buttons.

So with a little bit of clever coding, Ed Benson of startup Cloudstitch hacked a button to add a database entry to Google Sheets anytime he pressed it. He did it to track his baby's bowel movements (if you're not a parent, you probably just made a face reading that, right?), but using the code, you can probably find another purpose within your home. And the Internet of Things picks up even more steam.

[Source: Medium via TechHive]