Fully Charged: Curvy OLED TV on sale in the UK, GTA 5 soundtrack available, and YouTube comment clean-up in effect

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Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack hits Spotify and iTunes

Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack hits Spotify and iTunes

Enjoying the original music, score and soundtrack from Grand Theft Auto 5? Well, we’ve got some good news for you: you can now listen to it outside of Los Santos, right here in the real world.

Rockstar Games has released the music in three separate volumes on both iTunes and Spotify. Volume 1 features original songs recorded for the game, like Wavves’ “Nine Is God” and Twin Shadow’s “Old Love / New Love”; Volume 2 is the score by Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson; and Volume 3 (not available on Spotify yet – but you can probably find most of the songs there ) features 19 licensed songs from the soundtrack. [Source: Rockstar]

LG’s curved OLED TV comes to Currys!

LG curved OLED TV

LG’s much-hyped curved OLED television, the first of its kind in the world, is going on sale in the UK – and it’s going on sale at Currys & PC World. The 55in, 4.3mm-thick set, which debuted at IFA a few weeks ago, is available in-store (at the retailer’s Guildford, Thurrock, Teeside and Birmingham outlets) and online from today, priced at a cool £8,000.

YouTube working to make its comments section less awful

YouTube working to make its comments section less awful

Anyone who has spent any time on YouTube will know that its comments section is a veritable Wild West of the mainstream Internet: unpoliced, frightening and populated by some of the worst individuals you’ll come across online.

After burying its head in the sand over the issue for years, YouTube is finally acting to clean up the comments by giving video uploaders more moderation powers. Instead of showing the most recent comments by default, it’ll show the most relevant, and commenters’ past behaviour will impact on how visible their new comments become: those frequently flagged for abuse or spam will likely have any comments buried, while those with strong Google+ reputations will be moved up the ladder.

The system has already started rolling out to some uploaders, so its impact – or lack of one – should start to be seen soon. [Source: CNET]

3Defy turns your flat pictures into 3D printed masterpieces

New service 3Defy is mighty impressive: upload a picture to the website, trace some edges, push and pull some depth sliders and before long you’ll have a 3D printable file (in the X3D format, which stores colour data) that can be taken or sent to the printing service of your choosing. You’ll have to pay for the conversion, but at just a few pounds (US$4.99) for unlimited use it won’t break the bank. [Source: 3dprinter.net]