First LG, now Samsung unveils HD DVD Blu-ray player

South Korean gadget legend Samsung has unveiled its first Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player to the US public, the same week its country-sharing nemesis, LG,

The BD-UP5000 does everything a good Blu-ray player and a decent HD DVD player should.

It supports the interactive features of both formats, Blu-ray’s BD Java and HD DVD’s HDi. It spits out hi-def video at resolutions up to 1080p at 24 and 60fps and it upscales standard def DVDs to 1080p, we’re told.

Other tricks up the BD-UP5000’s sleeve are its uncanny ability to play CDs and DVDs, its 7.1 surround sound outputs and support for Dolby digital plus, Dolby TrueHD and dts HD.

Unfortunately, Samsung is remaining very tight lipped on when we might see this player in Blighty. Hell, it’s not even the same HD combo player the company announced earlier this year. We wonder if the BD-UP5000 will make it over here before LG’s effort, the LG BH200.

Hey, whichever’s cheaper, right?


Samsung BD-UP5000

Price: $800 (£400)

On sale: 15 January (US)

Contact: Samsung