Christmas Gift Round Up – Top 5 TVs

Looking to treat someone to a new TV this Christmas? Or perhaps you fancy treating yourself to a new set to watch Christmas TV on? Check out our choic

Best for bedroom: Samsung LE26B450

If you're looking to buy someone a TV for the bedroom, this is a nice little option with great features for a smaller cost.

Supporting 1080p at 24 fps, the LE26B450 boasts a strong review record, with a reputation for good picture quality and strong contrast levels.

There's even four HDMI ports for hooking up your set top box and other extras to your TV. At this price you can't complain.

Buy it: Amazon, £290

Due out on the the shelves at Marks & Spencers in the next week or so, the iViewer is a whole bundle of web-connected fun for a seriously reasonable price.

Whether you opt for the HD-ready 26-inch set or its 32-inch full HD sibling, the iViewer will hook up to your internet connection either by ethernet cable or optional Wifi dongle to allow you to stream BBC's iPlayer and access other internet media, such as YouTube.

On top of all this video on demand, you'll also be able to access email and browse the net, as well as access content from your home computer over your home network.

Check out our hands on snaps with it if you're not sold - internet junkies won't be able to get enough, and all at a reasonable price.

Buy it: Marks & Spencers, from £399

This little set packs in a surprising amount for its price tag, not least of which are tuners for both Freesat and Freeview, as well as full EPG support for both.

At an impressive 42-inches with full HD, the TX-P42G100 also packs Panasonic's NeoPDP technology for a brighter screen with better contrast.

It also has an ethernet port for accessing future Freesat services, such as iPlayer and SD slot for viewing photos and videos from your camera.

All this for around £700. It's got us sold.

Buy it: PixMania, £691

This TV impressed us so much when we reviewed it last month it got the honour of a Stuff Hot Buy stamp, and if you're looking for a TV for a movie buff, it's a great option.

Full HD and with lavish detail levels, the picture quality is impressive, as is the audio performance - especially for a flatscreen.

Motion tracking is top notch thanks to the its 200 MHz processing, and the inclusion of Philips' depth-enhancing Ambilight tech all adds to the movie experience.

You can also expect a handy 5 HDMI ports and Wifi for accessing NetTV, Philips' widget system that features the likes of YouTube, as well as full web browsing.

On the pricey side, but the movie experience on this set will be worth every penny.

Buy it: Richer Sounds, £1,800

The flagship set in Sony's line up of green TVs, the WE5 doesn't drop on the performance to please the planet, but does pack some seriously impressive power saving features.

A new backlighting system helps reduce power consumption by more than 50% compared to other LCD TVs, while its Presence Sensor detects when you've left the room for a set amount of time and turns off the picture, leaving the audio on. If you come back in the room, the picture pops back up, and if you don't, the TV will eventually turn off all together. Clever stuff.

Specwise though, it keeps itself up there with full HD, a Freeview tuner, four HDMI ports and a USB port too - it didn't win a Stuff Award this year for nothing. Both picture and audio quality impress, and although it might be a bit pricey, remember the beauty with this TV is more than skin deep.

Buy it: Digitech Electronics, £1,236