Canon's bucket of Selphy photo fun

Ah the joys of handing over £4.99 before unwrapping 24 poorly shot party snaps festooned with photo advice labels. No more, because Canon's laun

Looking suspiciously like a bucket, the CP770 is actually the premium print-maker of the two. Designed to be carried, the top half detaches to become the printer while the bottom half serves as a receptacle for all the assorted junk – paper, USB cables, optional battery pack, spare cartridges – needed to keep the show on the road.

Traditionalists can opt for what Canon describes as 'the affordable' CP760, which opts for the standard white breeze block look.

Both promise photo-lab quality prints and 'supreme' ease of use. They get roomy 2.5in screens, auto red-eye correction and will handle up to 4x8in panoramic snaps.

If we could just get hold of those handy advice stickers, we'd need never trouble the high-street photo lab again.


Canon Selphy CP770, CP760

Price: £140, £90

On sale: June, May

Contact: Canon