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The best PS4 game deals in the PlayStation Store Summer Sale 2017

UPDATED: Sony just added even more dirt-cheap PS4 deals

Summer is the best time to catch up on the games you missed from the last busy holiday season and this year’s early months – and what’s this, an amazing sale? Perfect timing.

It’s true: Sony’s PlayStation Store Summer Sale 2017 kicked off last month, and it’s loaded with digital deals across PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation VR), PS3, and Vita. Some of these games have only been out for a matter of weeks and already have big discounts – while the older picks in the bunch see even vaster price drops.

You’re welcome to browse the extensive listings on the PlayStation Store, but if you need a few recommendations, we’ve picked 20 of the best PS4 deals in the bunch and split them into categories below. Sony’s sale lasts until 16 August, but don’t wait to jump on these hot deals and start playing right away.

And if you’re looking for PlayStation VR deal picks, we have a stack of them right over here.

Recent hits

Recent hits

Horizon: Zero Dawn (£35)

If you haven’t played 2017’s hottest PS4 original yet, then you should jump on this deal right now. Horizon: Zero Dawn serves up a breathtaking open world to explore as a badass, robo-dinosaur-hunting heroine, and it’s £15 off right now.

Tekken 7 (£35)

Look, Tekken 7 doesn’t reinvent the wheel for this longtime fighting favourite – but it applies a slick new level of polish to the still-entertaining head-to-head template. And at £20 off this still-fresh release, now is the time to pounce on it.

Dirt 4 (£35)

Down £20 right now, Dirt 4 is the best edition to date of Codemasters’ classic rally racing franchise, with an incredible new degree of realism and dazzling graphics. And it has only been out for a few weeks at this point!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (£35)

Need another multiplayer obsession to carry you through summer? If so, you should loop back on the latest Ghost Recon – Ubisoft’s revival delivers a vast open world for the tactical, co-op combat, and the £20 drop makes it all the more appealing now.

WipEout: Omega Collection (£20)

Although technically a collection of past PS3 and Vita entries rather than a hot new release, this recent 4K compilation is a dazzling treat for fans of the iconic anti-gravity racing series. And at 33% off already, the deal is even sweeter.

Mass Effect Andromeda (£30)

Andromeda didn’t land with the same kind of splash as the original Mass Effect trilogy, but we still came away impressed by BioWare’s latest sci-fi odyssey. If you hesitated to spend full price on this epic, then maybe a £25 discount will help convince you.

Last year’s favourites

PS4 Games

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (£20)

Just 20 quid for last year’s best game, one of the absolute top PS4 games around, and a fitting end to maybe the greatest action game series of all time? Yeah, that’s a deal you don’t want to skip, assuming you’ve somehow missed Uncharted 4 up ’til now. Good time to latch on, too, since Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is mere weeks away.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (£22)

We’re admittedly happy to see Activision’s shooter go back to its roots with this autumn’s Call of Duty: WWII, but last year’s Infinite Warfare was one of the better picks in the recent futuristic bunch. It has a slick campaign and reliably entertaining online play, and you can’t beat a 60% discount on it.

The Last Guardian (£16)

As with Ico and Shadow of the Coloussus, Sony’s The Last Guardian has its frustrating quirks and mechanical annoyances. Still, this tale of a boy and his winged-cat-thing is one of the most affecting games we’ve ever played – and cheap right now!

Doom (£12)

Last year’s reboot restored Doom to its run-and-gun glory days, albeit with an impressive modern visual upgrade. It’s simple, shooty fun, but the £12 price is an absolute steal for this great single-player blaster (and OK multiplayer component).

Inside (£6.49)

Like the brilliant Limbo before it, Inside is mysterious and grim-looking, but ultimately captivates with its quiet storytelling and tense moments. Don’t read anything more about this one – you won’t want to spoil the surprise. And at 59% off, the price point is spectacular.

Hitman: The Complete First Season (£18)

IO Interactive’s stealth assassin simulator got an episodic reboot over the last two years, and if you didn’t follow the first season as it unfolded, you can get the whole thing in one bundle – and at a dirt-cheap price thanks to the 60% discount here.

FIFA 17 (£16)

We’re only a couple months out from the release of FIFA 18 and PES 2018, which means it’s the perfect time to pick up last year’s edition for cheap. At 64% off, FIFA 17 is a sturdy bargain: another hearty, impressive football sim from EA, now with a story mode to boot.

No Man’s Sky (£10)

Has any game suffered so much from falling short of hype like No Man’s Sky? True, the game didn’t seem quiet as vast and inventive as many hoped – but it still delivers genuinely wonderful moments as you explore space, and £10 is a perfect price for a bit of dabbling.

Battlefield 1 (£25)

Battlefield 1 restored the series’ freshness by looking to the past – World War I, to be specific. You’ll actually care about the single-player missions this time around, while the 64-player online fights are delightfully brash and explosive. You might play this one for a long, long time.

Older essentials

Older essentials

The Last of Us: Remastered (£16)

Our pick for the greatest PlayStation game of all time is The Last of Us – and this Remastered PS4 edition is even better. So yes, you should definitely play Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic opus, especially with a sequel off on the horizon somewhere. At £16, it’s an absolute steal.

Grand Theft Auto V (£25)

It’s still routinely one of the best-selling games on the market, even four years after its original release – but if you’ve somehow missed Grand Theft Auto V, then now is the time to grab Rockstar’s best-ever open-world crime masterpiece. It’s vast and incredible throughout.

Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition (£8)

We’re hyped for this autumn’s Battlefront II, but the previous Star Wars Battlefront is still worth a look until then. This multiplayer-centric affair nails the scale and realism of Star Wars battles, and this Ultimate Edition bundles in all of the extra maps and DLC – and still for just £8.

Rayman Legends (£6.49)

Rayman is the closest thing PlayStation players have to a Mario-esque platform hero these days, and Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends is truly just as impressive as most of Nintendo’s side-scrolling classics. It’s imaginative, intensely colourful, and brilliantly fun – and under £7 right now.

Bloodborne (£16)

On the other hand, if you want a tough-as-nails game that’ll beat the stuffing out of you while you grin, look no further than Bloodborne. This Dark Souls-esque combat adventure – from the same developer, too – requires precise play and plenty of endurance, but it’ll reward your frustration if you stick with it (and get good).

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