The best photos taken using the iPhone’s Night mode, according to Apple

The best six have been picked

It’s true that Apple’s iPhone has seen only relatively incremental updates since the grand reinvention we got with the iPhone X.

But if there’s one department that Apple really upped its game in with the iPhone 11, it’s cameras. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are capable of remarkably good snaps, and thanks to the introduction of Night mode, the iPhone is no longer next to useless in low light.

Apple is so chuffed with the nocturnal credentials of its latest phones that it asked iPhone photographers to submit their best nighttime snaps. Thousands obliged, and Apple has selected six winners that will be featured not only on its website and social channels, but on billboards all over the world.

Apple said: “‘the winning photographers represented countries from China, India, Russia and Spain, sharing their various perspectives of the beauty and colors of night in the cultures surrounding them”.

Have a look at them below, before ruing the fact you didn’t send in that picture of a bin-diving fox you took last week.