Best garden gadgets for Christmas 2012

Get on top of the garden in 2013 with these top tools (and, yes, at least one of them is a robot)

Husqvana Automower 265 ACX


The latest robot lawnmower from Husqvana is its best yet. Give the gift of time by letting the Automower 265 ACX tackle up to 6000 square metres of garden, quietly, except when it has a problem and needs a hand. Then it'll send you a text. Yes, a text from a robot gardener is exactly our justification for spending £3600 on a mower.

Bosch KEO Cordless Multisaw


Nothing says 'thanks Dad' like a handheld chainsaw. This 10.8v multisaw will make short work of branches up to 80mm thick and can even be used for basic woodwork. Trees beware – humans have just found a way to hack you up using nothing but a little wrist angling.

Apple Wizard Collector


Collecting fallen apples requires bending, which we prefer to leave to gymnasts. So the Apple Wizard Collector, which rolls along gobbling up the tasty fruit, is an ideal gift for like-minded upright-loving individuals. You might even get a homemade bottle of cider back on your birthday.

Rule RainPerfect Solar Water Butt Pump Kit


Save the environment by using rainwater to feed the garden. This pump is solar powered so you can help the environment, and it costs nowt to run. Plus there are endless jokes to be had from giving someone a butt pump for Christmas.

Fiskars Telescopic Weed Puller


As seen on TV, as they say, this really is the best way to destroy those puny weeds without taking your back out in the process. This telescopic version extends to 120cm so even ogres can uproot those pesky beanstalks with this steel claw.

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