The best gaming deals - August 2017

From PS4 or Xbox One console bundles to games, there are some seriously great deals here

We've got a mighty fine bunch of gaming deal here.

And there's no better time to pick up a console on the cheap to wile away the Summer nights with some of this generations best blockbuster games.

There are great deals going on for both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles bundled together with some of the latest, and greatest games on those systems plus sweet discounts on a load of games on every platform.


PS4 Bundles

Sony PS4 Pro 1TB + Prey  

Got a 4K HDR TV? The PS4 Pro is the console you need and with great Prey game what’s not to love? 

Buy the PS4 Pro 1TB + Prey here for £359.95 from Amazon


Sony PS4 Slim 1TB + Uncharted 4 + Ratchet & Clank + Driveclub

This triple pack of games should start you off nicely on the road to PS4 gaming, and with a slim 1TB version of the console: what more could you want?

Buy the slim 1TB PS4 + Uncharted 4 + Ratchet & Clank + Driveclub here for £339.98 from Game


Sony PS4 Slim 500GB + Lego Worlds

Epic stories are all well and good but sometimes we all just want to switch off and shoot some stuff (virtually of course). Now you can do that in space, sometimes with zombies... space zombies, enough said.

Buy the Slim 500GB PS4 + Lego Worlds here for £294.99 from Game



Sony PS4 500GB + GTA V

The standard model PS4 coupled with GTA 5, which arrived with the highest of expectations, but it exceeds almost all of them to become one of the greatest games of all time, is a good deal.

Buy the 500GB PS4 + GTA V here for £277.99 from ShopTo

PS4 Games

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Engrossing, exciting, emotional - Nathan Drake's last outing is also his best

Buy Uncharted 4: A Thief's End here for £25.85 from - saving over £34


Horizon: Zero Dawn

The mechanical animals might be the bait, but it’s the story that will get you hooked on this brilliant, beautiful open-world adventure

Buy Horizon: Zero Dawn here for £27.85 from ShopTo - saving over £20



Forget COD and Battlefield: Blizzard's chaotic shooter is as good as multiplayer mayhem gets

Buy Overwatch here for £44.86 from ShopTo



It's your job to save humanity from aliens in this challenging, thrilling turn-based strategy game 

Buy XCOM 2 here for £19.99 from Game - saving £15


Battlefield 1

An epically bombastic shooter that really makes the most

Buy Battlefield 1 here for £29.99 from  - saving over £20

Xbox One S Bundles

Xbox One S 500GB + FIFA 17

The HDR capable Xbox combined with this great footie game is bound to give any housebound sports fanatic endless hours of excitement. If you do eventually get tired of thrashing your mates online then you can always settle down and check out the massive variety of movies available on the One S through its wide choice of streaming apps.

Buy the Xbox One S 500GB + Fifia 17 here for £229.85 from ShopTo


Xbox One S 500GB + Forza Horizon 3

There's fun for all the family with this awesome bundle. Minecraft's easily accessible blend of blocky building and wilderness survival is bound to keep the kids quiet over Christmas and with Forza finding the perfect balance between wacky and realistic racing it'll be great for blowing off some steam once all the festivities have finished.

Buy the Xbox One S 500GB + Forza Horizon 3 here for £209.71 from Amazon


Xbox One S 1TB + Gears of War 4 + Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare + an extra controller

Can't get enough gun-totting action eh? Well then nab yourself two of the year's wildest shooters with your top of the range Xbox. Boost around in zero G in infinite warfare or get real friendly with some chest high walls in Gears, why not both? Plus, with your extra controller you can team up with a mate for some co-op carnage.

Buy the Xbox One S 1TB + Gears of War 4 here for £365.86 from Amazon

Xbox Games


Blizzard's chaotic shooter is as good as multiplayer mayhem gets

Buy Overwatch here for £44.86 from ShopTo 


Forza Horizon 3

A five-star racing experience. There's nothing that quite strikes that perfect balance between high speed action a realistic handling like Forza Horizon 3.

Buy Forza Horizon 3 here for £37.97 from Amazon



It's your job to save humanity from aliens in this challenging, thrilling turn-based strategy game

Buy XCOM 2 here for £32.99 from Argos 


Battlefield 1

Ever wished you could have been around to fight in the trenches of world war one? No, us neither. But somehow Battlefield 1 manages to make than terrifying prospect an absolute blast with its huge, vehicle filled battles.

Buy Battlefield 1 here for £29.99 from - saving over £30 


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of the best RPGs there's ever been. In fact, one of the downright best games there's ever been

Buy The Witcher 3 here for £15.99 from Amazon - saving over £15

Gaming Accessories

Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edition Gaming Headset

Keep it cool during your marathon gaming sessions with this set of Hi-Fi headphones designed for maximum comfort and minimum heat. These are compatible with PC, Mac and PS4 so can help you take your game audio to the next level on most systems.

Buy this here for £152 from Amazon - saving over £15


Corsair M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

If you've taken the plunge and shelled out on a top end PC for the best possible gaming experience then you're going to need a sweet new mouse to go along with it. A bunch of reprogrammable buttons, high DPI and of lots of flashing lights are of course essential features and the M65 has it all.

Buy this here for £38.99 from Amazon - saving over £20


Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headset for Xbox One

Turtle Beach have been making great gaming headsets for ages now and they haven't slowed down a bit with the current generation of consoles. High quality sound and a comfortable fit allow for hours upon hours of immersive gaming.

Buy this here for £43.59 from


X-Rocker Adrenaline Gaming Chair

Sometimes the good old sofa doesn't quite cut it for the more competitive among us. No, we hardcore gamers need a mighty throne to lounge in as we smite our enemies.  The X-Rocker Adrenaline should more than suffice with its in-built speakers, subwoofer and vibrating motors helping to really get your head in the game.

Buy this here for £159.99 from Argos


Roccat Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For the PC gamer their Keyboard is an essential piece of their gaming arsenal, so it's got to be top notch quality. The Roccat Pro more than delivers on that front with its compact design, individually lit keys and premium switches.

Buy this here for £54.82 from Amazon - saving over £50