Best Black Friday 2019 Amazon Deals

It's cheap Echos and bargain Kindles galore, plus a few other treats, at Amazon on Black Friday

Just because there's now a Prime Day, doesn’t mean Amazon isn’t getting in on the Black Friday bargain-a-thon.

The best deals are to be found on Amazon’s own kit, but there are plenty more if you know where to look, so here’s our pick of the best deals from everybody’s favourite shopping site.

Amazon Echo Dot (save £28)

If there’s one thing you can guarantee about Black Friday on Amazon it’s that you’ll be able to get an Echo Dot for a lot less money – and this year it’s less than half the usual price.

The speaker inside is too weedy to use it for listening to music but if you just want something to set kitchen timers and control smart home kit, now’s the time to buy. If you fancy the newer version with the clock display on the front, that’s also been reduced from £60 to £35.

Was £50 | Now £22

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Apple iPad (save £50)

Usually you’re lucky to find a current-gen iPad with more than about a tenner knocked off, so £50 off the latest 10.2in model feels like an opportunity not to be missed.

The standard model might not have the bells and whistles of the Pro but since Apple added support for the Pencil and released iPadOS it’s become much more than just a super-sized iPod Touch. You can pick from gold, silver or space grey, and if you fancy a larger capacity the more expensive 128GB version is also available with £50 off.

Was £349 | Now £299

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Echo Show 5 (save £30)

With the Echo Spot no longer available, if you want to give Alexa a screen your best bet is the Echo Show 5 – especially with £30 off.

The screen might be a bit too small for catching up on episodes of The Boys but as a suped-up alternative to the Dot, the Show’s display makes it ideal if you’re after a hub for controlling your smart home kit, making the odd Skype call or seeing who’s at the door if you’ve got one of those fancy video doorbells.

Was £80 | Now £50

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Sony WH-1000XM3 (save £101)

There are plenty of contenders for our favourite noise-cancelling headphones but Sony’s WH-1000XM3 are always up there, so any discount should be seen as A Good Thing.

While they haven’t been the full £330 for a while, £229 is the cheapest they’ve ever been – and about £50 cheaper than they usually sell for.

Was £330 | Now £229

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 (save £60)

It’s a good sign of how lazy technology has made us that opening the front door to find out who’s standing on the other side of it has become too much of a chore for some people.

Of course, Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 has more benefits than that, allowing you to record evidence of anyone snooping around your driveway or tell any nuisance callers where to go without having to leave the comfort of the loo. Sure, it’s still a lot more expensive than an old-skool ding-donger, but the £60 saving makes it much more affordable. Besides, what price can you put on piece of mind?

Was £179 | Now £119

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote (save £20)

It might look like a USB thumb drive but there aren’t many better ways to add streaming skills to your telly than Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

This one comes with an Alexa-powered remote, so you can save a few finger calories by asking for what you want to watch rather than painstakingly typing it out, plus it supports pretty much any streaming service you could want, although not Now TV. Even if you already have a smart telly, the Fire TV Stick’s interface is a significant improvement on most built-in operating systems.

Want Ultra HD streaming? The 4K-capable version is also available at a reduced price of £30, £20 less than usual.

Was £39.99 | Now £19.99

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Sonos Beam (save £70)

Sonos stuff is a bit like Apple kit – you rarely see it reduced. In fact, its compact Beam soundbar has only ever been this cheap once before, so if you’ve had your eye on one for a while, now might be the time to take the plunge.

This voice-controlled soundbar has all the same multiroom skills as a normal Sonos speaker but is designed to boost the audio coming from your telly, meaning you can add the others as wireless rears, while the addition of the Sonos Sub gives you proper 5.1 audio. Even flying solo, though, the Beam is a fine addition to any TV.

Was £399 | Now £329

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Amazon Fire HD 10 (save £55)

There isn’t a tablet in Amazon’s Fire range that isn’t discounted this Black Friday, but we reckon the £55 you can save on the five-star HD 10 is the biggest bargain of the bunch.

Smaller Amazon tablets have slightly shonky screens but the Full HD 10-incher on the HD 10 is the best you’ll get for this price, or the full price for that matter. The speakers are decent too. The camera’s rubbish and it’s still left wanting when it comes to some of Android’s biggest games, but if you’re not into PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile or anything like that, and you quite rightly leave your tablet in your bag when a photo opportunity arises, the Fire HD 10 is even more of a steal at this price.

Was £150 | Now £95

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RHA TrueConnect (save £50.95)

When it comes to what you stick in your ears there’s plenty of competition – but RHA’s TrueConnect AirPod rivals are right up there with the best.

They’re much more compact than some rivals and while design-wise they’re not the most exciting, that’s infinitely preferable to getting funny looks. Sound is solid rather than spectacular but for everyday use they’re more than acceptable, plus they come with a frankly absurd range of ear tips, so only the truly odd of earhole will have trouble getting them to fit snugly.

Was £149.95 | Now £99

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